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Coin Tracker supports all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ZCash, DASH, Ripple, Monero, and many more. You can view CoinBase like beautiful charts with CoinTracker app for all major cryptocurrencies. You would have simple user interface to add and start tracking your bitcoins and altcoins.

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Start tracking your bitcoin and altcoin portfolio
with CoinTracker without even a login.

  • 1500+ Cryptocurrencies
  • 32 Currencies
  • 6 * 1500+ Charts
  • 10 News Feeds
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CoinTracker is designed with simplicity in mind, without any knowledge about Cryptocurrency Exchanges or complex crypto related vocabulary you can start using the app and track your coins. Application supports 25 most popular cryptocurrencies free with all the features, if you start loving it, you could unlock 1000+ cryptocurrencies with one time payment. The simplicity and elegance of the app have been accepted by many CoinTracker users and we are pretty excited about the reviews we are receiving everyday. We have many more features on our roadmap and busy making CoinTracker the most simple but the best app for crypto lovers like us. Feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions on what you would love to see with CoinTracker.


  • Simple and elegant is right

    Was looking for a different app to couple with Blockfolio because some of the cryptos listed aren’t the best for quick analysis and am happy with this.

  • Yes. It works

    Thank you. I really like your app. It is simple, not overwhelming, very clear. I try few other, but I really like yours. I wake up and go sleep with it.

  • Simple but does the job

    I have looked everywhere for an app that gives me profits and losses. This does exactly that.


iOS and Android applications are available to download
via Apple AppStore and Google Playstore for Free

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